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Wanking to get the wee out! Started in the bedroom but relocated to the bathroom as I was feeling pretty desperate

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Duration: 10:00 Views: 225 Submitted: 9 months ago Submitted by:
Description: Combining two of your favourite kinds of videos: wanking and weeing! Or indeed peeing or pissing. Hehe. Okay, so I’ve only had a few hours sleep. And as a result I’ve ended up with a permanent twitch in my pants and the non stop need to be fiddling with either my clit piercing or my crazy long pubic hairs. Both of which bring me an immense amount of pleasure! So there I was, just ‘innocently’ fiddling with the new belly bar in my lady bits when I suddenly became aware just how much I needed to go for a piss! So I figured I’d just sort myself out there and then. But soon decided against it as I knew I was going to do a massive pee pee. So I then headed to the loo, sat down and started wanking properly whilst trying my hardest to hold it in for as long as possible. The result? A super sexy, unique, fun mature hippy mom created a video with the same qualities. Well, hopefully you find it sexy, unique and fun?!
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